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Abgesang (2)Above The Quiet (1)Acre of Bacon Records (1)Adf Bayard Musique (2)
Adore Music (5)Affine Records (1)AGR Television Records (7)Air Rytmo (4)
Ajabu! (45)Alice In... (27)All The Bees (1)Allen Ginsberg Records (3)
Almost Musique (2)Alp Fiction (1)Alphalliance (29)Alter K (10)
Alwane Music (1)Amar (1)Among Clouds Records (1)AMP Music & Records (3)
Analogsoul (3)Ancient Pulse Records (2)AngloCentric Recordings (1)Ankst Records (1)
Anteprima (6)Anthropoet (1)Anzn (2)Apollyon (1)
Archieball (7)Archives De La Zone Mondiale (4)Arctic Rodeo Recordings (19)Ariwa Sounds (27)
Art District Media (2)Art Melodies (2)Art Yard (2)Artdisto (1)
artForm Music (1)ARY (1)Asinella (14)Asta Records (4)
At Mango's (2)Ata Tak (4)Atomicat (145)Atomino Tonträger (2)
Audiolith (79)Autogram-Records (2)AWZ Records (2)B Medias (1)
Baboushka Records / Tracks United (1)Backbite Records (8)Baco Records (79)Badasonic Records (14)
Bakraufarfita Records (62)Balcoon Records (2)Ballroom Records (1)Barkhane (1)
Bassukah (2)Batov Records (1)Benoby (3)Beste! Unterhaltung (39)
Black Butcher / Pork Pie (2)Blank Records (2)Blaser Music (2)Blighty (3)
Blind Rope Records (15)Blitzkrieg Pop! (12)Bloodshot Records (2)Blue Palace Records (2)
Blue Shine (2)Blues Production (1)Blumenbar Verlag / Gutfeeling (1)Bohemian Drips (3)
Bohemian Neglect (1)Bohemian Strawberry (3)Bomber Music (12)Bongo Joe (13)
Bonsai Music (1)Boom Jah Records (2)Bristol Archive (5)Bristol Archive Records (1)
Broken Silence Records (5)Buddham Jazz (4)Burnt Out Wreck Records (1)Burnt Out Wreckords (5)
Cadiz Music (55)Campfire Recordings (1)Caput Medusae Records (1)Cast In Stone Entertainment (1)
Cavalier Recordings (20)Chancho Records (2)Chantilly Negra (1)Chase The Ace (1)
Chat Chapeau Nouveau (2)Chateau Lala (20)Cheezy Crust (1)Chemikal Underground (20)
Chicago Records (1)Chickadisc (5)ChinChin Records (17)Chromo Music Production (1)
ChuChu Records (1)Cie Pulcinella (1)Circuits (1)City Zen (2)
Clapson (1)Clásicos Latinos (1)Cloudbreak Records (9)Club AC30 (21)
Cok Malko (1)Common Grounds (1)Compro Records (2)Consouling Sounds (79)
Contre Jour (14)Cosmic Myth (3)couch'n'candle (2)CPL-Music (58)
Crazysane Records (30)Creepy Music (3)Cristal Groupe-Cristal Records (4)Crocodile Tears Records (11)
Cultsound (1)Cumbia Chicharra (1)Cuneiform (36)Dackelton Records (45)
Dancing Ferret Discs (2)Dancing In The Dark (6)Das Kapital Records (1)Das Label Mit Dem Hund (2)
Deda (2)Delikatess Tonträger (1)Delta Entertainment (12)Destiny Records (79)
DH Records / Fabulous Generation (1)Dian Recordings (2)Die Eigene Gesellschaft (2)Die neue Leichtigkeit (2)
Digging Diamonds (12)Dimple Discs (1)DiN (1)Dionysiac Records (1)
Dirty Faces (1)Disaster Plan (1)Disco Ordination (1)Disentertainment (7)
Distile Records (1)Divine Records (1)DMG Germany (46)Dogspeed! Records (2)
Domcore (2)Don't Sit On My Vinyl! (1)Dope Noir (19)Double Back (1)
DreiLabel (3)Dubquake Records (2)Dunk! Records (7)Dur Et Doux (7)
Dustbowl Sounds (1)Dynamit Records (6)Dynamite Platten (2)e&a records (2)
E.T.E. (1)Echos (1)Edition Hieber (5)Editions Murray Head Music (2)
Eight to Infinity (1)EK Product (2)El Muto Records (2)El Paso Records (1)
El Toro Records (83)Electric Fire Records (5)Electronic / Pop (1)Elektrohand Gottes (3)
Elektrohand Records (2)Elektrohasch (23)Eliterecords (4)Else Musik (2)
Emrick Music (4)Endwerk Records (1)English Electric Recordings (20)English Electric Recordings / Plane Groovy (5)
Eos Records (2)Epistrophy (1)Erdgleich (1)Etage Music (13)
European Phonographic (4)Everest Records (8)Every Chord Counts (2)Eygennutz Records (10)
Fab Tone Records (1)Fais & Ris (9)Faszinator Music (2)Fayz Records (1)
FDR (3)Fern Music (1)Fidel Bastro (13)Finaltune (11)
Financial Disaster Records (2)First Name Unknown (1)Fixe Records (1)Flat Daddy Records (1)
Flatfish (5)Flowfish Records (32)Folk Galore (6)Folk Wisdom (1)
Fond Of Life (8)Forward Backwards Recordings (1)Fred Records (1)French Keys (1)
From Lo-Fi To Disco! (4)Funk Turry Funk (1)G&R Records (1)GAD Records (8)
Gamlestans Grammofonbolag (1)Gaya Music Productions (1)Gaz's Rockin' Records (1)Gazebo (5)
GDN Records (1)Geco Tonwaren (5)Giant Electric Pea (7)GM Records & Publishing (32)
GM Records & Publishing / Le Rat des villes (2)Godbrain (1)Golden Antenna Records (27)Goldon Records (1)
good&lovely records (2)Green Piste Records (2)Greyshadow Records (2)Grow Vision (4)
gtone (2)Gunner Records (98)Gutfeeling (32)Gypsy Hotel Records (1)
H42 Records (7)Hakenwerk (3)Halb 7 (6)Hamau (2)
Hand of Doom Records (5)Hans E. Platte (1)Hard:Drive / Mrs. Green Records (6)Harlem Shuffle Records (1)
Hawklords (1)Heavenly Sweetness (67)Heckert Empire (3)Helico (1)
Höhnie Films (1)Höhnie Records (23)Honigdachs (3)Hound Gawd! (3)
HÜA Music (3)Hubro (2)Hummus Records (44)Hydra Records (62)
Icons Creating Evil Art (1)IF Music (1)Igloo Records (41)Iknowwhatyoudidlastrecords (1)
Ilona Records (3)Impact Records (8)Imperativa Records (11)Impression Recordings (1)
Indies Scope Records (21)Innacor (1)Inside Records (2)Instrument Village (20)
Interpathe (12)IOT Records (2)Iris T. (1)Iron Curtain Radio (7)
Jammin' Colors (5)Janka Industries (4)Jansen Plateproduksjon (1)Jarring Effects (8)
Jazz Eleven (1)Jazzin Translation (1)JazzJazz (18)Jazzlab (17)
Jazzline (133)Jazzwerkstatt (34)JazzWerkstatt Wien (7)Jeta Records (2)
Junkyard Songs (1)Jusqu'a la Nuit (2)K&F Records (24)Kaliman Records (1)
Kalinkaland (4)Kant Qualitätsschallplatten (1)Kaputte Jugend (9)Karmakosmetix (2)
Käsescheiben & My Favourite Chords (2)Kevin Wallace Music (1)Kick The Flame (42)Klangapartment (1)
Klangbad (5)Klanggalerie (143)Klangue Records (1)Klangwelten Records (1)
Kleingeldprinzessin Records (31)Knockwurst (2)Kofferradio (1)Koko Mojo Records (205)
KOMBÜSE Schallerzeugnisse (8)Komos Records (4)Kopf An, Tür Auf (2)Kosmopolit Records (7)
Krakenduft Records (12)L'ST Records (5)L-Tracks Records (1)La Agonía De Vivir (1)
La Familia (3)La Ouache Production (1)La Pochette Surprise Records (1)La Ruche (5)
La Voz (1)Label Bleu (39)Label Ouest (2)Labelship (2)
Lacky Musik (3)LADTK (2)Lala Schallplatten (5)Lalabeam Records (4)
Lamastrock (1)Lamb Unlimited (2)Las Vegas Records (29)Laserlight Digital (6)
Last Exit Music (23)Laughing Girl (1)Lavender Music / Tracks United (2)LE BAL (1)
Le Phonographe (2)Lebendig Tonträger (2)Légère Recordings (67)Leopard (54)
Les Couleurs Du Son (8)Les Entetes Production (1)Liedfett 23 (3)LilyLivered Music (1)
Liquidator (40)Listenrecords (57)Little Teddy (1)LKB Records (1)
LLT Records (5)Lolila (1)Lollipop Shop (1)Long Beach Records (11)
Look At Me (6)Loops Productions (1)Lounge Records (2)Ludi Magister (1)
Lusitanian (2)Lustre Kings Productions (1)Lying Lions Production (1)Ma Case (1)
Maaula Records (1)Madeleine Joel Records (1)Magic Records (1)Magriff (2)
Mairisch Verlag (1)Mais 5 (24)Major Knockout (1)Major Label (103)
Major League Product (3)Mambo Productions (1)Manifest (1)Margipop Music (2)
Maschin Records (3)Mathildas Und Titus Tonträger (8)Meantime Records (3)Megalith Records (1)
Melodie En Sous-Sol (2)Meredith (1)Mesh Key (2)Metal Mind Productions (69)
Micropal / TP9 Records (2)Micropal Records (4)Milkyway Records (1)Millaphon Records (36)
MINT (11)Minta (1)Misitunes (20)Module (1)
Moi J'Connais Records (1)Moloko Print (2)Moment Of Collapse Records (52)Momo Musik (2)
Monkey. (10)Monogam Records (1)Moon International (4)Moose (3)
Mouthwatering Records (16)Moviepool (1)Mr. Mellow's Music (5)Mule Satellite Recordings (2)
Müller-Lüdenscheidt (16)Musical Tragedies (1)Musique Indépendante Noire (1)My Favourite Chords (3)
Naked (9)NaRator (1)Narrator (5)Narshardaa Records (1)
Nasty Vinyl (4)Nato (2)Neo Noir Records (2)New World Production (2)
Nix Gut (1)No Fear Records (2)Nocturne (1)Nomethod (1)
Nordic Notes (89)Norland Music (1)Not A Robot Records (2)Nothing To Lose Records (1)
Novoton (4)OA Records (2)Odin (1)Off (8)
Off Label Records (14)Off Ya Tree Records (10)OHM Records (2)On And On Records (1)
One Drop (1)ONJ (1)Ostalgica (2)Osthafen (1)
Overpowered Records (1)OWTF Records (3)Pain Surprises (2)Palmetto Records (4)
Pan European Recording (4)Pancake Assassin (1)Pancromatic (2)Papillon Jaune (1)
Paradis Improvise (5)Park Records (5)Part Records (20)Partisan Sternstaub (1)
Peacific (1)Persona Editorial Ltd (3)Phat Penguin Records (14)Phonotraxx (18)
Phonowerke Luna (1)Piano Piano Records (1)Plane Groovy (1)Plasterer Records (8)
Plastic Bomb Records (9)Plattenbau (6)Plattenmonster (1)PLTR (1)
Poets Club Records (10)Pogo's Empire (2)Pork Pie (28)Powertrip (3)
Progress (18)Prohibited Records (2)Prolog Records (4)Pronoize (15)
PT78 (1)Puke Music (2)Pumpkin Records (1)Punkles Records (2)
Pura Vida Sounds (19)Q-Sounds Recording (13)Qilin Records (6)Quadro Entertainment (1)
Rabble Rouser (28)Railroad Tracks (15)Rain Records (1)Razelli Records (1)
Rebel Music Records (44)Record Records (8)red.can.records. (1)Reggae Archive (1)
Reptiphon (22)ReR (33)Rescue + Return Records (1)Rheinschallplatten (1)
Rhythm Bomb Records (78)Rhythm Bomb / Shack Rouser (1)Richard Weize Archives (9)RilRec (13)
Ring Of Fire (32)RL Production (2)Roche Musique (4)Rocking Records! (1)
Rockstar Records (11)Room In The Sky (7)Ropeadope Records (2)Royal Tree Records (3)
Rue Des Balkans (1)Rustblade (44)Rustblade / Sottomondo (1)Sabia (4)
Salon Mondial (2)San Tropez Records (2)SBÄM Records (118)Scanner (58)
Schallter / monkey. (2)Schlappvogel Records / Euphorie (1)Schlitzer-Pepi Records (7)Schwarzrock (3)
Servus Laut & Leise (1)Sevan Mater Records (32)Seven Mater Records (2)Seventy Three (1)
Shiftin' Gears Records (1)Shoebill Music (1)Showtime (1)Silberblick Musik (6)
Silene Records / Komos (4)Silent Pendulum Records (1)Silverdoor Music (1)Sireena (133)
Sissi Records (1)Sitzer Records (1)Sleepy Night Records (1)Slowing Records (2)
Smarty Mart (1)Smarty-Mart (1)Smash (2)Social Bomb Records (1)
Sofia Thea / Baco Records (2)Solaris Empire (13)Soledad Productions (5)Songs & Whispers (7)
Sonic Rendezvous (1)Soulbeats Records (10)Soundflat (63)Southern Pulse (1)
Spastic Fantastic Records (10)Specialist Subject Records (2)Speck Flag (3)Spinout Nuggets (1)
Spitting Records (2)Springstoff (35)Stand High Records (6)Stardown (9)
Stardumb (5)Stargazer Records (13)Steingraeber (2)Sterbt Alle Records (2)
Stolen Body Records (3)StoneFree Records (12)Straight Talkin Records (1)Strong Emotions (1)
Studio 3 Recordings (1)Studio Orlan (2)Stupido Records (3)Sturmhöhe (1)
Subliminal Sounds (1)Subsonic Society Audio (1)Sudden Death (17)Sugar Shack (3)
Sulatron (64)Sumo Rex (5)Sun King Music (15)Sun Road Records (2)
Sungroove Records (11)Sunny Bastards (14)Sunnyside Records (7)Sunset Records (3)
Super Kamiokande Detector (1)Suppenkazper (2)Switchstance Recordings (12)T-Rave (1)
Table Pounding Records (1)Take It Easy Agency (3)Talitres (34)Tape Capitol Music (2)
Tatra Records (4)Tatra Records / Pitch Black Drive (2)Tatra Records / Subculture (2)TBC Records (15)
Tenor Vossa (2)The Circle Music (39)The Firebirds (11)The Lollipoppe Shoppe (9)
THE NEW (2)The Upper Room (3)Three Saints Records (19)Toca (3)
töchtersöhne records (4)Tollshock (1)Tombstone (1)Topsy Turvy Records (28)
Tortuga (1)Toufic Farroukh Prod. (1)Train Fantome (2)Trebim Music (1)
Triple Coil Music (5)Tritt Record (6)Tron Records (3)TSM (4)
TTO (1)Tuba French Touch (2)Tug Rec (1)TUM Records (15)
Tumbleweed Records (5)Twisted Chords (41)Underdog Records (14)UNLTD Recordings (1)
Upbeat Recordings (21)Upton Park (6)Vacancy Records (2)Vendetta (72)
Versöhnungsrecords (14)Viavox (1)Viel Erfolg Mit Der Musik (1)Vielklang (1)
Violons Barbares (2)Vision Fugitive (2)Vita Productions (2)Voland & Quist (5)
Waldinsel Records (12)Wall City Music (1)Wanker Records (1)Waterfall Records (20)
We See Music (1)Wegawam (1)Weird Sounds (3)Welfare (1)
Wire Control (2)Wolverine Records (26)Words On Music (1)WTF (4)
X-Mist (1)X-Ray Production (76)Yatak Records (2)YLYLCYN (3)
Yotanka Productions (4)Z-Muzic (4)Zamora (1)Zeitkratzer (12)
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