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A1 Records / Golden Ivy Records (5)Aberle Media GmbH (56)Aberle-Media (11)Abgesang (1)
Above The Quiet (1)Adore Music (5)Affine Records (1)AGR Television Records (7)
Air Rytmo (4)Ajabu! (40)Alice In... (26)All The Bees (1)
Allen Ginsberg Records (4)Almost Musique (2)Alp Fiction (1)Alphalliance (29)
Alter K (10)Alwane Music (1)Amar (1)Among Clouds Records (1)
AMP Music & Records (3)Analogsoul (3)Ancient Pulse Records (2)AngloCentric Recordings (1)
Anteprima (6)Anthropoet (1)Anzn (2)Apollyon (1)
Archieball (7)Archives De La Zone Mondiale (4)Arctic Rodeo Recordings (14)Ariwa Sounds (27)
Art Melodies (2)Art Yard (2)Artdisto (1)artForm Music (1)
ARY (1)Asinella (10)Asinella Records (4)Asta Records (4)
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Atomino Tonträger (1)Audiolith (80)Autogram-Records (2)AWZ Records (2)
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