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Cadiz Music (4)Cast In Stone Entertainment (1)Cavalier Recordings (19)Chancho Records (3)
Chantilly Negra (1)Chase The Ace (1)Chateau Lala (15)Chemikal Underground (13)
Chicago Records (1)Chickadisc (5)Chromo Music Production (2)ChuChu Records (1)
Cie Pulcinella (1)Circuits (1)City Zen (2)Clapson (1)
Clásicos Latinos (1)Cloudbreak Records (7)Club AC30 (2)Cold Meat Industry (1)
Comino Music (1)Comino Productions (2)Comité Coutancais D´action Culturelle (1)Comite Martiniquais De La Musique (1)
Compassion Media (1)Compro Records (2)Con Anima (2)Consouling Sounds (50)
Contre Jour (14)Cosmic Myth (2)couch'n'candle (1)CPL Music (40)
CPL-Music (6)Crazysane Records (14)Cristal Groupe-Cristal Records (1)Crocodile Tears Records (10)
Cumbia Chicharra (2)Cuneiform (24)
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