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Ma Case (1)Maaula Records (1)Mad Butcher Records (1)Madeleine Joel Records (1)
Magic Records (2)Magriff (1)Mais 5 (20)Maison De La Culture D'Amiens (1)
Major Knockout (1)Major Label (80)Major League Product (3)Mambo Productions (2)
Manifest (1)Mano Cornuta (1)Mantra Machine (2)Margipop Music (2)
Maschin Records (3)Mathildas Und Titus Tonträger (8)Matrisse Production (2)Meantime Records (2)
Megalith Records (1)Melodie En Sous-Sol (1)Meredith (1)Mesh Key (2)
Metal Mind Productions (40)Micropal (3)Milkyway Records (1)Millaphon (4)
Millaphon Records (32)MINT (11)Minta (1)Misitunes (17)
MOD Music (1)Moi J'Connais Records (1)Moloko Print (1)Moment Of Collapse Records (45)
Momo Musik (2)Monkey (6)monkey. (5)Monogam Records (1)
Moon International (4)Moose (2)Mora Music (2)Morpheus Records (1)
Mouthwatering Records (14)Moviepool (1)Mr. Mellow's Music (4)Mule Satellite Recordings (3)
Müller-Lüdenscheidt (15)Munster Records (1)Musical Tragedies (1)Musique Indépendante Noire (1)
My Favorite Chords (1)My Favourite Chords (2)My Ruin (4)
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