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S-Rock Music Production (1)Sabotage Records (2)Saint Marie (1)Salon Mondial (2)
San Tropez Records (2)Sbäm Records (65)Scanner (51)Schlitzer-Pepi Records (7)
Schwarzrock (4)Seventy Three (2)Showtime (1)Silberblick Musik (4)
Silene Editeur (1)Sireena (115)Sissi Records (2)Sitzer Records (1)
SKM (1)Slowing Records (2)Smarty-Mart (1)Social Bomb Records (1)
Sodelore (1)Solaris Empire (14)Soledad Productions (2)Songs & Whispers (1)
Sons Of Anarchy (Napo) (1)Soulbeats Records (9)Soundflat (25)Southern Pulse (1)
Spastic Fantastic Records (5)Specialist Subject Records (2)Speck Flag (3)Spider Music (2)
Springstoff (22)Stand High Records (2)Star Wars (Napo) (1)Stardown (10)
Stardumb (14)Stargazer Records (12)Steingraeber (1)Steingraeber & Söhne (1)
Sterns (3)Stolen Body Records (6)StoneFree Records (11)Studio 3 Recordings (3)
Stupido Records (3)Sturmhöhe (1)Subliminal Sounds (3)Subsonic Society Audio (1)
Sudden Death (7)Sulatron (51)Sumo Rex (5)Sun King Music (9)
Sungroove Records (11)Sunny Bastards (13)Sunnyside Records (115)Sunset Records (5)
Suppenkazper (2)Sweet Home Records (1)Switchstance Recordings (13)Syrona (1)
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