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T-Rave (1)Table Pounding Records (1)Take It Easy Agency (3)Talitres (37)
Tape Capitol Music (2)Tatra Records (5)Tatra Records / Pitch Black Drive (2)Tatra Records / Subculture (2)
TBC Records (15)Tenor Vossa (4)Text und Ton Records (1)The Circle Music (42)
The Firebirds (12)The Lollipoppe Shoppe (9)THE NEW (2)The Upper Room (3)
Theah Music (1)Thexoomo (2)Three Saints Records (19)Toca (3)
töchtersöhne records (4)Tollshock (1)Tombstone (1)Topsy Turvy Records (31)
Tortuga (1)Toufic Farroukh Prod. (1)Train Fantome (2)Transport Music (1)
Trebim Music (2)Tricollectif (1)Triple Coil Music (5)Tritt Record (6)
Tron Records (3)TSM (4)TTO (1)Tuba French Touch (2)
Tug Rec (1)TUM Records (18)Tumbleweed Records (6)Twisted Chords (44)
Two Records / Epistrophy (1)
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